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Global Education Globally Delivered

Global Education Demystified! Counseling for Academic Options, School Choice, Major – Minor Specialization, CV Writing, Post QualificationJob Referrals, Career Aptitude Psychometric Testing, Culture Sensitivity, Adapting to the USA – Canadian Way

Career Aptitude Testing and Job Preparation Training. Practice includes using Career Competency – Personality Inventories, Aptitude – Psychometric

Welcome to UnivCanada Global Education

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At UnivCanada our Consultants are Admissions Experts, they know what works & they know how to apply their knowledge to your own candidacy. As we all know, applying to university, grad school/college is all about Quality, Differentiation, Personality, Competitive Class, Strategic Choices, Culture Fit, Job Market-Oriented, Organization, Schedules & Deadlines;

Our Consultants at UnivCanada help you build your career goals, personality, skills, competencies, put together timelines, create lists, and check off necessary application elements in a clear step-by-step way that will make sure you never miss a deadline, a piece of paperwork, or a requirement.

We help you answer tough questions like; Career Direction,

my Psychometric Profile, my interest, and capabilities match, my education goals, which undergrad, grad school, college or University is best for me? Which type of program should I go into? What geography? What should I do if I'm waitlisted? How can I get the needed letters of recommendation? And of course: Where do I start? 

Start with BASICS and progress through Phases 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 or Pick and Choose what works best for you!

Global Education Demystified

100 Basics and Introductory

Counseling for Basics and Introduction to Global Education

As Is Analysis of “Student and Parents Expectation”

Understanding and “Overview of Global Education Market”

Ambition Aspiration Analysis – Administration of “RiverForest Career Planning Program V12”

Consulting FaceTime – 4 Hours

Total Time – 10 Hours

Includes 60 minutes of a preliminary call, Administration, and Analysis of Career Planning – Vocational Inventory. Administration of Test for 120 minutes, overseas expert psychometric interpretation, followed by 180 minutes of a potential fitment discussion on schools, colleges, and universities.

101 Phase 1 Diagnosis

Counseling for Phase 1 Diagnosis

1. CV Analysis – Detailed Resume Understanding and Insights

2. Ambition Aspiration Analysis – Administration of “RiverForest Career Planning Program V12” – 3 Questionnaires to be completed, interpreted and counseled

3. “Jim Sanders Career Inventory” – Psychometric Administration – Defining/Drawing a Journey Map

4. First Level Writing “Who Am I and My Choice – My Life” Essay​

102 Phase 2 Discover

Counseling for Phase 2 Discover

1. First Level Writing “My Career” Essay

2. In-depth Career Consulting – Choice of Careers and Education Market Outlook.

3. Administration of “Jim Sanders Advanced Career Inventory V9” – Global Interpretation

4. High School Certification Option Guidance – What works best for admissions discussion.

5. “RiiMagine Advanced Aptitude and Personality Testing” – Administration and Learnings

103 Phase 3 Define

Counseling for Phase 3 Define

1. Administration of “RiiMagine Global Adaptability Assessment V6” – Adapt to global learning - living in an alien nation.

2. “Planning to Plan for Academic Future” – Shortlisting Areas of Interest

3. “David Kolb Learning Style Inventory”

3. Adapted from World renowned Psychologists Dr. T V Rao and Uday Pareekh “RiiMagine Personal Style Effectiveness Index"

104 Phase 4 Develop

Counseling for Phase 4 Develop

1. Art of “Communication Effectiveness”

2. Fr. Joseph Arroyo’s XLRIs – “Leadership Lab”

3. Emotional Resilience Smart Workshop

4. Adapting to the “Digital World – Digital Cultures – Age of the Intellect”

5. “Jim Sanders Cross Culture Change Adaptability” – Living and Fun in the World of Tomorrow.

6. Learning to Adapt and Manage Change

105 Phase 5 Decide

Counseling for Phase 5 Determine

1. Competitive Exam Appearance & Strategies

2.Second Level Shortlisting Schools, based on scores and candidate choices.

2. Supporting application process for 5 schools.

3. Applicant Learning Conversion to APP

4. Selection Session – Multiple Factor Analysis Geographic, Rankings, Job Placements, Community, Safety – Focused 

106 Phase 6 Dynamic

Counseling for Phase 6 Dynamic

1. Interview Preparation Pointers

2. “RiverForest BPSI” – Behavioral and Psychological Situation Interview

3. “Scholarship” – Assistance Application

4. “Athletic Application – (NoT Standard)

5. “RiiMagine Effective Styles” – Student Style Adaptability Workshop

6. “RiiMagine Global Values” –

60 Minute Job Market

60 Minutes Counseling for Basic USA Canadian Job Market Potential  – One on One Counseling

Overview of USA and Canadian Job Market. Administration & Report of a “Competency-Based Psychometric Test”

Opportunities for Jobs Post Immigration

List, Links, Files, Documents for effective job application

Job Competency Overview – USA/Canada Perspective

USA/Canada Job Market Culture

USA/Canada Overview of a Job market. Basic Counseling for Pursuing Immigration to Canada

Basic Strategies to submit an application to a potential employer

60 Minute Education

60 Minutes of Basic USA Canadian Education One on One Counseling

Overview of USA and Canadian Education System. Opportunities for Education Post Grade 12 (Secondary Education), Under graduation and graduate studies

List, Links, Files, Documents of Post Secondary Schools/Colleges/Universities in Canada offering education programs

Global Education Overview – USA/Canada Perspective

USA/Canada Educational Culture

USA/Canada Overview of a Job market

Basic Counseling for Pursuing Further Studies

Basic Strategies to submit a successful application

60 Minute BEI

The BEI Guide has an indicative list of questions which you can refer to in order to have a discussion with the BEI Candidates. Competency-wise indicative questions.

A 60-minute counseling session will be held with one of our professional consultants to train you on BEI.  However, you will be recommended to use appropriate responses based on the flow of the actual discussion in a 3rd party interview setting. 

What approach do you take for devising a strategy for any activity / initiative? Describe using a real life example when you used this approach? A detailed Competency Dictionary, Behavioral Competencies, 100 Questions Manual

60 Minute One on One Training

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