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We are about Education

UnivCanada is a high-quality admissions consulting firm that has been successfully helping candidates for admissions to college, business school, law school, medical school and graduate school across USA & Canada.

At UnivCanada we understand how valuable your time is. You may ask us ‘Why should I spend 15 minutes of my time speaking to an UnivCanada counselor’. The answer is very simple: we make this all about you; Your Profile, Your Goals, Your Experience. These 15 minutes are an opportunity for us to discover your background & to start helping you formulate an action-plan to get you into a school/university of your choice.

We believe that every student deserves a bespoke approach, proficiently developed and strategically tailored to make his/her applications stand out amongst the thousands of other applicants from around the globe. We are dedicated to helping every student present his/her best self in order to stand out.



We work with students across the globe via Skype, Phone & E-mail; but we do not meet with Students & Parents in person. We help your child make the best possible case of admission to a top choice University; this is our expertise.

We are devoted to empowering students from around the world in the college, business school, law school, medical school and graduate school admissions process. It is our mission to make applications and admissions less stressful by fully informing students as well as supporting them in presenting their true selves.

When guiding applicants before the application process begins, we:

-Examine your profile and let you know what your prospects are. (if that input is requested)

-Present to you the full range of options – not just the top-ranked schools

-Encourage you to apply to the most suitable schools for you.

When assisting applicants during the application process, we:

-Insist that you write your own essays

-Provide beneficial, respectful criticism

-Evaluate and edit material so that it presents you at your very best and reflects your voice, story, and work.

Keep the application process and timeline in perspective.



At UnivCanada our approach is unique. UnivCanada's ideology is that each of the steps in the Application process counts, therefore we take each step earnestly. We have built a comprehensive, multi-step method that will not only help in writing essays but help strategize the whole application; right from the initial idea mapping to its systematic execution.

At UnivCanada consulting guidance is the pillar of our process. UnivCanada will be an intimate part of building your strategy, & will hold your hand as you begin to produce the components of your application. We know what a fine essay looks like, what recommendations should contain, & how to best write a resume for your applications.

Our Counselors will help augment each your applications to tailor-fit every institute you are applying to. We make sure that in each student’s portfolio; all their proudest experiences, qualities, and academic achievements are brought to light in their applications. We ensure that your applications meet all standards. All your work will be checked & rechecked, so that your essays have no grammatical or punctuation issues; rewrite your recommendation letters so that each has a unique voice.

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