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100 Global Education Counseling – Basics and Introductory Call

Counseling for Basics and Introduction to Global Education

1. As Is Analysis of “Student and Parents Expectation”

2. Understanding and “Overview of Global Education Market”

3. Ambition Aspiration Analysis – Administration of “RiverForest Career Planning Program V12”

Consulting FaceTime – 4 Hours

Total Time – 10 Hours

Includes 60 minutes of a preliminary call, Administration, and Analysis of Career Planning – Vocational Inventory. Administration of Test for 120 minutes, overseas expert psychometric interpretation, followed by 180 minutes of a potential fitment discussion on schools, colleges, and universities.

101 Phase 1 - Diagnosis and Profiling

Counseling for Phase 1 for Diagnosis and Profiling

1. CV Analysis – Detailed Resume Understanding and Insights

2. Ambition Aspiration Analysis – Administration of “RiverForest Career Planning Program V12” – 3 Questionnaires to be completed, interpreted and counseled

3. “Jim Sanders Career Inventory” – Psychometric Administration – Defining and Drawing a Journey Map

4. First Level Writing “Who Am I and My Choice – My Life” Essay

5. “Fitment Profile” of the Candidate

Learning Time – 18 Hours

102 Phase 2 - Discovery and Affirmation

Counseling for Discovery and Affirmation

1. First Level Writing “My Career” Essay

2. In-depth Career Consulting – Choice of Careers and Education Market Outlook.

3. Administration of “Jim Sanders Advanced Career Inventory V9” – Global Interpretation

4. High School Certification Option Guidance – What works best for admissions discussion.

5. “RiiMagine Advanced Aptitude and 

Personality Testing” – Administration and Learnings

6. “Early Stage Learning Programs” while at school to advance selectability.

7. Personality and Confidence Building – “RiiMagine Assess Smart”

8. “Culture and Characteristics of Universities” and Learnings

9. “Looking into a Future” – What after Education/Certification or Qualification

10. “Job Search” – Market Outlook and Overview

11. Writing “Next Stage Who Am I and My Choice – My Life” Essays

Learning Time – 18 Hours of Work

103 Phase 3 - Defining Goals, Journey and Path

Counseling for Defining Goals, Journey, Path and Destination

1. Administration of “RiiMagine Global Adaptability Assessment V6” – Quick learning on how to quickly adapt to global learning and living in an alien nation.

2. “Planning to Plan for Academic Future” – Counseling for Shortlisting Areas of Interest for Careers and establishing building blocks

3. Administration of “David Kolb Learning Style Inventory”

4. Adapted from World renowned Psychologists Dr. T V Rao and Uday Pareekh “RiiMagine Personal Style Effectiveness Index” – Personal Skill Building – Personal Effectiveness, Managing Time, Optimizing Learning, Self – Awareness and Strength Finder.

5. “Community Care Programs” – Contributing to your Community – Beyond Resume’ Building

6. “Who Am I Analysis” – Presentations for Internship, Global Summer Footprint

7. Warren Bennis Principles – “On Becoming a Leader” – Aspiring for Roles in School, College, Community.

8. School Choices Analysis – Preference Inventory – School Adaptability and Choices – Making a Discerning Choice

9. Application Process and Challenges in Schools Chosen at Level 1

10. Learning Requirements and Competitive Exam Standards

Learning Time – 24 Hours of Work

104 Phase 4 - Self Help Workshops for Skills

Self Help Workshops and Counseling for Developing Skills and Competencies

1. Art of “Communication Effectiveness”

2. Fr. Joseph Arroyo’s XLRIs – “Leadership Lab” Best Practices

3. “Emotional Resilience Smart” Workshop

4. Adapting to the “Digital World – Digital Cultures – Age of the Intellect” – Best Practices from Best of Learning Institutions – Based on a Book by Dr. G Shermon

5. “Jim Sanders Cross Culture Change Adaptability” – Living and Fun in the World of Tomorrow. Learning to Adapt and Manage Change

6. “What Makes You Tick?” Personality Building Workshop.

Competitive Exam Appearance

7. Preliminary Shortlisting Schools based on Capability Mapping

8. Overview of Application Process

9. Common Application Strategies

10. Possible Schools to Target – Prep for Next Phase

11. RiiMagine “Capability Smart” – Competency Management Testing

Learning Time – 30 Hours of Work

105 Phase 5 - Determine Directions, Option, Apply

Counseling for Phase 5 – Determine Your Directions, Options and Apply

1. Feedback from Competitive Exam Appearance and Strategies for Next Steps.

2. Second Level Shortlisting Schools, based on scores and candidate choices.

2. Supporting application process for 5 schools.

3. Applicant Learning Conversion to Document – Reliance on experience – culture mapping of applicant learnings, stories, contemporaries

4. Third School Selection Session – Multiple Factor Analysis Geographic/Rankings/Job Placements/Community/Safety – Focused Selections

5. Application strategy design – Purpose, Objectives, Action Planning

Defines purpose, Objective, life & career goals

Devises why / why not, what if questions, overall approach

Identifies strengths vs. weaknesses

Experiential Writing of Essays & Questions

Demonstrating original writing skills.

Drive linkages – learning, training, real work, experience & community.

6. References – Select recommenders, help writing a recommendation on behalf of a reference

7. Essays and Descriptive Questions – Counseling for two essays

8. Preparing for “Interviews – BEI (High-Level Overview)”

Additional Costs for applications beyond 5 schools. No REFUNDS post payment.

101A – 10 School Package – Please Call

101B – 15 School Package – Please Call

Learning Time – 48 Hours

106 Phase 6 - Dynamic Career Building

Counseling for Phase 6 – Dynamic Career Building

1. Interview Preparation – Pointers & Mock Interview

2. “RiverForest BPSI” – Behavioral and Psychological Situation Interview – Assessment Behavioral Interview & psychological preparation

3. “Scholarship” – Assistance Application

4. “Athletic Application – Select Cases (Not a Standard Offering)

5. “RiiMagine Effective Styles” – Student Style Adaptability Workshop

6. “RiiMagine Global Values” – Administration and Application while at School. Values that should help manage in an unknown culture. Do’s and Dont’s

7. “RiverForest Relocation Support Services” (Fee Not Included in this Package)

8. “RiverForest On Line Socialization Process” in the USA and /or Canada (Fee Not Included in this Package)

9. “Campus Life Orientation” for International Students and Workshop on “Being SAFE”

10. “What Next?” Planning for Post Education Careers – Administer Plan

11. Pre Junior and Post Sophomore Internship Options and Selection Process (Not Included – Discuss Separately)

12. Pre Senior – Job Market Application Process (Not Included – Discuss Separately)

13. Pre Senior Assessment Methods and Competitive Selection Process (Not Included – Discuss Separately)

14. RiiMagine “On-Line Assessment” Administration – (Not Included – Discuss Separately)

15. Job Interview Preparation – BEI – Behavioral Event Interview, In Basket, Role Plays and Case Analysis Processes (Not Included – Discuss Separately)

16. Competing in the JOB Market for Big 4 Consulting, Big 3 Strategy Firms, Big 5 BFSI, Big 5 Tech Giants, Big 5 FMCG, Large Cap Energy etc – Learning Standard Assessment Techniques – (Not Included – Discuss Separately).

17. “RiiMagine Psychometrics for High-Performance Metrics” – (Not Included – Discuss Separately).

Learning Time – 36 Hours

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