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Application Tracking

UnivCanada ATS enables companies to easily source, recruit develop & retain top talent with an engaging, social, and data-rich talent management software suite. It provides a series of behavioral assessments that help elevate the quality of hires, by predicting performance and potential with an understanding of traits, skills and fit, as well as insight into developing and retaining top performers.

Key Features in Brief:

•Allow candidates to apply online via online application form

•Post your jobs online

•Manage your candidate applications

•Screen Candidates

•Schedule Interviews

•Analyze data via reporting functions

•Telephone support and on-site training

•Website Integration

•Integration with HR Software

UnivCanada Store

UnivCanada offers a wide range of Simulation Exercises. These Simulation exercises are practice activity that places participants in simulated / real life professional scenarios for the objective assessment of employee and candidate competencies.

Benefits of Simulation Exercises:

•To improve performance

•Test & Evaluate Plans

•Reveal Planning Weaknesses

•Clarify Roles & Responsibilities

•Improve Organizational Co-ordination

•Reveal gaps in Resources

The Simulations are broadly divided in the following categories:

Individual Simulations

Dyadic Simulations

Triad Simulations

Group / Inter Group Simulations

Organizational Simulations

UnivCanada offers a wide range of simulation exercises including:

•Case Studies

-San Rafael Strategic Connections

-90 Minutes Center Point Inc.

-IHC International Hotels Corp

•Role Plays

-Mason Grooming Corp – Social Adaptation and Culture Fit

•In Basket Exercises

-Herman Inc. – In Basket for Assessment Centers

-480 Minutes – Cincinnatti CITY Bank Inc.

-90 Minutes Center Point Inc.

-IHC International Hotels Corp

•Discussion / Group Discussion

-Trafalgar Fares Inc. – Leadership Center Concept Paper Discussions


-Skill Search International – Analysis Presentations Simulations

•Development Centre Method

-Sandy Tracker Medical Systems

•Essay Writing / Report Writing

-Lake WoodSide Inn. – Managing Strategy Individual Report Writing

•Fact Finding / Data Analysis

-Henry Associates – Fact Finding & Problem Solving

•Team Exercise

-Funny Circus by Anavir Shermon

•Management Games

-Henry Associates – Fact Finding & Problem Solving – For Groups

•Culture Fit

•Outbound Training

•Organizational Surveys

-Employee Engagement Survey

-Employee Satisfaction Survey

-Leadership Survey

-Climate Survey

-Customer Satisfaction Survey

-Team Work Survey

•Culture Mapping

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